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Whether you are an esteemed event company or a hospitality wholesaler
serving restaurants, sports lounges, hotels, and beyond,
Cooldura offers tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.
Cooldura - hospitality starts from within the fridge
Cooldura is part of the VEBA company and was founded in 2015 in the Netherlands.

With a focus on delivering excellence, Cooldura brings you the finest cooling solutions available in the market. Almost all of our products come with a matching trolley, providing unparalleled convenience in every aspect.
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At Cooldura, we believe that commercial cooling is more than just a necessity. It is about creating an exceptional experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in what truly matters. Our cutting-edge coolers, equipped with the latest technologies, ensure that your food and beverages remain fresh and chilled, enabling you to savor life's greatest moments.
Cooldura - cheers on cold quality
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